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Dillaro Salimbayeva

Dillaro Salimbayeva

Yoga has many aspects

My introduction to yoga started after the birth of my second child. And from the first time it was a big surprise how much better and happier I felt after yoga. I started to read and learn about this ancient system and realized that it is a great philosophy and source of wisdom. However, everybody can gain something beneficial from Yoga, independently of religion, age, gender and physical condition. Yoga helps one to find balance and stability in our fast and changing environment. It is an essential ingredient of my happiness and I apply its principals in every aspect of my life: professional career, family, children and friends. Through Hatha Yoga one learns to understand one’s body and inner nature as well as be attentive and understanding towards others. The wisdom of Yoga supports me in difficult moments and highlights the beauty of everyday life.

Based on my experience and the experience of other women like me, I realized that it is difficult to find time and money, to give attention to yourself and to your health. Yoga training is ideal for working women because you can practice it at home or in the park, you do not need special sport equipment for it, it is natural like your body and has a great effect on your wellbeing. To get most of yoga practice and not to harm yourself it is important to learn the alignment and principals of yoga from the beginning. Many people think that yoga is boring and constitutes a slow sequence of very difficult movements: this is simply a prejudice that stops people experiencing Yoga. There are many styles and everyone can find a style, which suits his or her personality and temperament. Himalayan Hatha Yoga is a dynamic sequence of postures, with great attention to breathing, self-awareness, energy flow and alignment of the body. It can be adapted to different types of personality and physical conditions. I am very glad that I had chance to learn this style from great master of Yoga and Meditation Yogi Ashokonanda. I am a trainee of his Teacher Training Program, which was an incredible experience for me. During this course I learned so much about yoga, yoga principals, sequence, breathing, yoga anatomy, history of yoga, meditation. The least and not the last I improved my personal qualities essential for a yoga teacher. I welcome everybody to join my practice of Himalayan Hatha Yoga for beginners and feel the difference in your everyday life.

Venue: Richmond upon Thames College, Community Sports Centre, Egerton Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW2 7SJ

Time: each Sundays 9-10 a.m.

Contact: 07449768506