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Vipassana Kriya Meditation - Self Development  

Vipassana Kriya Meditation - Self Development  

Vipassana Kriya Meditation - Self Development 100 hours offered by Yogiville Gurukul.

This 100 hour Self Development Course is delivered by meditation Master Yogi Ashokananda and is designed for all who are interested in self development and transformation.

The Vipassana Kriya Meditation Course is practised in silence, providing a physical and mental detox to maximise your awareness of your mind to align your inner and outer self.

The course requires discipline, dedication and serious work. The primary steps to the Course are:

  • Adhere to the Yogiville Gurukul Code of Conduct, along with the recommended meal plan, which will help to calm the mind to create the optimum possibiity of self-observation.

  • Develop control over the mind by followkng the process / technique with the breath and focus as directed by the teacher. As the mind becomes calmer and more focused, you will become more available to the practice of Vipashyana: being aware of the sensations, understanding the sensations and learning not to react to them.   

Vipassana Kriya Meditation Course Content & Methods

  • Vipassana Kriya Meditation Techniques
  • Vipassana Kriya Meditations
  • Guided Meditations by Yogi Ashokananda in Person (no recorded)
  • Group Meditations
  • Teacher Discourse with Yogi Ashokananda in Person (no recorded)
  • Teacher 1:1, with Yogi Ashokananda where you may discuss the technique, experience or any questions you have about the practice

2024 Course Dates

The Vipassana Kriya Meditation Self Development Course is a 100-hour course delivered In Person in Croatia.  

Location:             Yogiville Croatia

Course:               10-day Immersion Course 

2024 Dates:        19 - 28 July 

Course Hours:     100 hours 

Request for Information

Please request Course Catalog here for more details including locations and dates. 

Application Form for the Self Development Course

When you are ready and would like to submit your application for consideration as a student candidate for the Self Development Course, please submit your details and application here.