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Prana Kriya Yoga - Self Development

Prana Kriya Yoga - Self Development

Prana Kriya Yoga - Self Development Courses offered by Yogiville Gurukul 

Yogiville Gurukul offers course for individuals who are invested in self-development without the personal goal to teach others at the outset or ever.   

What is self-development? Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda are forms of personal development, taking personal responsibility for your health, education, and lifestyle. Individuals come to the path of self-development for a variety of reasons, including trauma, physical or mental illness, burn-out, major life incidences or may be on a continuous path to improve their well-being.   

Recently, many people have started to question their purpose or reason for being, and how they want to spend the precious time available and start to consider general or specific improvements to their well-being to live the lifestyle they now desire.

Yoga, meditation and self-development go together, because they train the mind to work through the problem, by addressing the priorities and remind us to connect to our inner self, our true being. Where individuals participate in our courses, and do not want to become a teacher, the common reason is that they want to apply Yogic principles towards their development and transformation. 

We realised that all yoga practitioners may not want to become teachers as a priority, but those who do want to learn more about the discipline and to go deeper with the practice of Prana Kriya Yoga will find the new Self Development Course ideal for them. 

Prana Kriya Yoga Self Development Course Content

The Prana Kriya Yoga Master Classes are taught directly and in person by Yogi Ashokananda, the master of the discipline.  This will be an 80-hour course, resulting in a Certificate of Participation for students who successfully complete the 80 hours of participation. 

  • Prana Kriya Yoga Foundation
  • Sacred Anatomy
  • Kriyas
  • Foundation of Pranayama
  • Introduction to Kriya Meditation
  • Mantra Chanting

2024 Course Dates

The Prana Kriya Yoga Self Development Course is a 100-hour course delivered In Person in India and Online.  Students can participate LIVE Online as an alternative if the locations or circumstances require.  The balance of the hours are held over the course year and delivered Live Online. The full course details are available in the Course Catalog, which you can request here.

Location:             Yogiville India

Course:               13-day Immersion Course - Master Classes

Dates:                  3 - 15 January 2024

Course Hours:     80 of the 100 hours 

Request for Information

Please request the course prospectus here for more details on the course curiculuum.

Application Form for the Self Devlopment course

When you are ready and would like to submit your application for consideration as a student candidate for the Self Development course, please submit your details and application here.