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Atma Kriya Meditation - Self Development

Atma Kriya Meditation - Self Development

Atma Kriya Meditation Self Development Course, 100 hours is offered by Yogi Ashokananda School. 

Our 100 hour ATMA Kriya Meditation Self Development Course is purely to deepen and support your own practice of meditation and is a pre-requisite before embarking on the 100-hour Teachers' Training immersion Course.  Yogi Ashokananda has spent many years practising and experiencing some of the most effective and simple techniques which have their roots in older Indian traditions. 

The 100-hour Self Development Course is designed to help you build a regular meditation practice. As well as participation, there will be assignments, practice and case studies to complete on own with friends and students. 

Course Topics will include: 

  • A variety of meditation techniques from which you can establish your regular self practice

  • The meditation techniques taught will focus on the connection with the body and with the breath

  • Understanding how to manage any physical, mental or emotional distractions during the meditation practice

  • The sharing of experiences with fellow students during the course has proven to provide an improved understanding of the techniques, the impact and experiences, helping to further develop the self practice.   

  • Guided practices will feature throughout the course.  

By the end of the course you should be fully committed to your own regular practice of meditation.  All that is needed is a passion and interest in meditation and the discipline to practice.  

2024 Course Dates

The Atma Kriya Meditation Teacher Training Course is a 100 hours delivered over 4 months. These course dates consider the Master Class section of the course, equalling 80 of the 100 hours.  The remaining hours are completed in weekly LIVE Online classes with Yogi Ashokananda.   This course is offered at Yogiville UK (London) and Online..

Location:             Yogiville UK (London)

Course:               4 Weekend Modules - Master Classes

Dates:                 17 - 18 Feb, 16 - 17 Mar, 11 - 12 May, 22 - 23 June

Course Hours:     64 hours of the 100 Hour Self-Development Course

Request for Information

Please submit your interest in the specific course here and we will notify you once our prospectus & scheulde are finalised.

Application Form for the Teacher's Training Course

When you are ready and would like to submit your application for consideration as a student candidate for the Teacher's Training Course, please submit your details and application here.