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Yogi Ashokananda is offering a variety of workshops in partnership with local studios across, the UK, Europe and the USA.   A workshop can be 1.5 hours or 3 days and can give you physical time and space you need to deepen your yoga, meditation practice, generating more awareness and understanding of how to self heal.  Be immersed in an inspiring spiritual atmosphere which continues beyond the workshop itself.  


of Yogi Ashokananda

Self-Healing & Awakening Workshops

Yogi Ashokananda will return to the United States in 2023. Yogi is looking forward to returning to the United States and building on the foundation set in the midwest while branching out into new locations with new partners in Texas!

The workshops will focus on practices, techniques and experiential learning to lead you towards greater self-awareness. healing and meaning.  You will expand your sense of who and what you are with the teachings of Yogi Ashokananda by applying the yoga & meditation disciplines he has developed.  

UK & Europe 2023 Dates and Locations

12 February - Breeze Yoga - London
5 March - Samsara Mind and Body - London
23 April - Breeze Yoga - London
6 - 9 July - Casananda Retreat - Ortelle, Puglia, Italy
13 - 14 October - OM Yoga Show - London
2 - 3 December - Yoga Festival - Bucharest, Romania

USA Dates and locations ..details & more dates to be announced soon

Check the Retreat Page for additional USA activities
May 4 & 9 - Houston Botanic Garden - Houston, Texas
May 5 - 7 - Golden Hill Retreat - Houston, Texas
May 11 - 14 - Ruby Retreats at Camino Ranchito - Wimberley, Texas
September 1 - 3 - Golden Light Healing Retreat Center - Sobieski, Wisconsin



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