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Charitable Projects

Charitable Projects

Yogi Ashokananda founded the Indian based charity, Yogi Ashokananda Foundation in 2013 and the UK based charity Ashok Tree Foundation in 2014. These foundations were established with Yogi-ji's vision to help to relieve the impoverished conditions and promote academic education, animal welfare, health and wellness in communities served. Active programs include

  • Sita Devi Primary School - educating boys and girls from 4 - 10 years old, Yoga & Meditation starts every school day, school located at Yogiville India.
  • Yoga & Meditation Community Classes - Volunteer teachers offer free classes in their communities, across UK, Europe, India & U.S.
  • Food Programs - providing healthy nutritional meals daily to at risk adults in the cmomunity and at the Sita Devi Primary school
  • Health camps - Onsite at Yogiville, ayurvedic practitioner organises monthly camps addressing Women’s wellness, Children’s Heath & Stress Management
  • First Aid services for Sita Devi Primary School students, faculty and all in need in the community.

Supported by volunteers, the charities grassroots efforts apply to fundraising, delivery of services and the management of the charities.  

If you are interested in getting involved through your area of expertise, can offer your services as a professional, therapist or teacher, the Yogi Ashokananda Foundation would love to hear from you. Please contact to get in touch.