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karita massara

karita massara

I was introduced to Yoga 21 years ago whilst searching for holistic therapies for my late son who had a physical disability. I fortunately came accross lovely Jo Manuel (Special Yoga Global) who was teaching Yoga for the Special Child from her home in those days. Encouraged by the effects Yoga had on Jack I decided to take it up myself. Intially I was fuelled by the desire to understand how best to help Jack. I soon realised how profoundly benefical it was for me in aiding my ability to cope as a parent and full time carer.

In 2007 I trained with the Jo Manuel ‘Yoga for the Special Child’ so gifted and grounded she helped me stay positive and strong during the early years. Later with Sonia Sumar ‘Yoga for the Special Child’ both at The Special Yoga Centre where I had begun to access regular mainstream classes as part of my training. My aim was still wanting to facilitate the best daily yoga sessions I could for Jack however eventually this expanded into offering yoga to other children and young adults with complex physical disabilities.

It was at the Special Yoga Centre that I was introduced to Yogi Ashokananda who just happened to materealise at the right moment when I was ready to delve deeper.
I started practicing regulary with him from about 2009. So in 2013 when he offered his first Yoga Alliance accredited Himalayan Hatha Yoga teacher training in the UK I jumped at the chance to enroll. I then attended his Atma Kryia Meditation training in 2018 .

Ashokananda has had a profound influence on me. With him I gained far deeper experiencial insight and access into the more subtle elements of Yoga. His ability to edit and deliver the essence of just the right amount of knowledge required in the moment has always and continues to be a huge inspiration. The last 14 years with Yogi has fostered an inner equilibrium helping me navigate my own sometimes rocky path with more strength and awareness. I am deeply grateful for the multitude of hours spent in his incredible classes and workshops experiencing his teaching. Fortunately Zoom allows me to keep up a regular practice with him wherever he is or I am in the world. He is so talented and continues to blow my mind constantly. I Ilive in awe of his knowledge and gift in sharing it with the world.

I have adapted Himalayan Hatha Yoga for practice in a chair and also used its principles to create classes in supine and sitting rather than standing, using supportive props to suit those with complex physical disabilities.

My late son Jack is my most beloved teacher of all. We practiced a lot of facilitated Yoga together and through these sessions Jack was the driving force for my yoga journey he also became the foundation of my ability to adapt the practices for individual needs. Jack was pure love. The most compassionate caring patient of beings. At the same time feerless in his battles, a true warrior. I live in gratitude for all the love he bestowed and the abundance of love we experienced together. The kind of love that stays with you forever and is always a part of you.

I have 300 hours of Yoga Alliance accredited UK teacher training and 100 hours of US Yoga Alliance teacher training. I have been delivering Yoga for additional needs since 2007 and teaching Himalayan Hatha Yoga since 2014.

I now spend a lot of my time in Southern Puglia where I run a retreat centre. Casananda Retreat. I host teachers and their students on retreats. I also offer yoga lessons and host my own wild swimming, walking and Yoga getaways.