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Training & Courses

Training & Courses

The Yogi Ashokananda School is a centre for excellence in higher learning for yoga, meditation and spiritual philosophy; as a registered senior teacher with Yoga Alliance Professinals UK, Yogi Ashokananda is uniquely placed to offer teacher trainings of the highest standard.  Throughout the year, teachers' training, intensive courses and workshops are offered in the UK and internationall

The training and courses offer many areas of fascination and insight and are suitable if you are an existing teacher wanting to add another dimension to your own teachings, if you are a complete beginner or if you are looking to embark on the path as a yoga and/or meditation teacher. Whatever your motivation is, our teacher training programmes will provide you with the opportunity to experience both insight and exceptional training of the highest standards into the depths and practice of yoga, meditation and spirituality. 

Teachers' Training and courses currently available:

Himalayan Hatha Yoga 200 hours Teacher Training (8 months)

Himalayan Hatha Yoga 100 hours Foundation Course (5 weeks)

Himalayan Hatha Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training in India, (Residential - 3 week intensive)


Meditation / Mindfulness 100 hour Foundation Course (4 weeks)

Prana Kriya Yoga 200 Hour Teachers' Training in India (Residential - 3 week intensive course)

Ayurvedic Introduction - 100 Hour Foundation Course (Residential - 10 day intensive course)

Request for Information

If you require additional information about the Teacher’s Training Course, including the prospectus, please submit your request and details here.

TTC Application Form

When you are ready and would like to submit your application for consideration as a student candidate for the Teacher’s Training Course, please submit your details and application here.